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Meet Tom

Tom is a Kingston University Fine Art graduate who has been with us since 2017. Tom has been a great asset to the team since he began and has come a long way in his personal development. In 2019, he worked hard to become one of the top ten NFFF Young Fish Friers of the year. His dedication and time he spent on this project is reflected in the passion he has for the company and the industry. Don't forget to say hello next time you pop in, he loves talking about football!

Meet Mollie

Mollie is a Kingston University graduate who has been with us since 2018. Mollie enjoys reading, drawing and playing video games in her free time. Her exceptional management skills and dedication to the company since her arrival have made her an incredible asset to the team. Taking on any task given to her, Mollie does not shy away from challenge! Next time you pop by, Mollie love talking about movies!

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